What is Bitcoin?

Discover the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin is born as a result of a financial crisis


Bitcoin was born at the beginning of 2009 as a new form of electronic money and a disruptive digital store of value reserve through a new technology called Blockchain that did not depend on the traditional banking system. The first block of Bitcoin information refers to the famous headline of the newspaper 'The Times' that announces the rescue to the banking system at the expense of taxpayers' money in the United Kingdom.

Bitcoin, created by people for people


Bitcoin was created by people and for people, regardless of any financial institution, corporation, bank or government. Bitcoin opened the doors to a new financial paradigm, generating new opportunities for millions of people worldwide.


Freedom, equality and privacy


Bitcoin guarantees human rights such as freedom, equality and privacy. With Bitcoin you can save your savings, send and receive payments worldwide, participate in investment projects and much more, without relying on trusted third parties.