Safe Haven

Bitcoin as a
Store of Value


Digital store of value

Amid the growing uncertainty in the world, Bitcoin has become a new fully digital store of value system.. Trade wars, extremisms that threaten democracies, military conflicts and a latent risk of inflation exploding are positioning Bitcoin as a financial lifesaver.

digital gold

In recent months, the correlation of the price of Bitcoin with the price of Gold has been considerably strengthened (+ see more). Bitcoin, like gold, is an extremely scarce asset, since there can only be a total of 21 million Bitcoin in circulation, but Unlike Gold, Bitcoin cannot be falsified, it can be transferred to any part of the world through the internet and its storage does not require expensive vaults.

gold oro

High global liquidity

Bitcoin is a digital asset that is traded in more than 400 exchanges worldwide, allowing Bitcoin to be converted to local currency in more than 100 countries instantly. Bitcoin's high liquidity ensures that its purchasing power is practically the same anywhere in the world.